Buska uses contemporary music interpretations to reveal the richness of traditional Irish music. Hannah Crowley (voice) and Fionn Ruadh (bass guitar) are instilled with a great love and pride in the music and culture of their native Ireland, and are passionate about making this music accessible to modern audiences.  Now based in Los Angeles, the pair are bringing their music to the people of California and beyond. For Buska the full spectrum of human emotions are embedded in Irish songs and stories, just waiting to be released through their interpretations!  

Hannah and Fionn have been making music together since September 2013. First meeting in Ireland’s most prestigious jazz school, Newpark Music Center, the pair progressed rapidly while in this rigorous program. While jazz was the focus of the school, they were exposed to all the genres necessary to develop both a personal style and a working professional knowledge of music. Studying with Ireland’s top jazz musicians was an extremely rewarding experience that exposed the pair to many musical concepts, particularly Indian Konnakol and high-level improvisation, that would prove useful beyond the jazz world.

Both received scholarships to the most prestigious contemporary music school in the world - Berklee College of Music, Boston, where they soaked up learning and performance opportunitites. Being in an extremely competitive environment they developed rapidly in terms of both musicianship and the professionalism with which they practised their craft.

Hannah was trained initially as a classical singer. Studying with top educators of choral and opera music in Ireland she is a past winner of the annual national‘Feis Ceoil’Solo Soprano competition - recognized as being Ireland’s top classical voice competition. In addition to her musical activities, Hannah is a successful actor. She starred in the award-winning independent Irish film Lift directed by Connor Armstrong-Stanley. She also had a leading role in the hit TV comedy series Damo and Ivor. The film version of the TV series is scheduled for release in April 2018.

Fionn, having cut his teeth playing in various Irish rock bands in his youth, was accepted to Newpark despite being an entirely-self taught bass player. Since then, he has had a myriad of musical performance experiences from Heavy Metal to Indian Jazz Fusion to Electric Blues. In the summer of 2016 he embarked on a major tour with Irish alternative-folk duo Saint Sister, performing at both Glastonbury and Longitude, two of the most high-profile festivals in Ireland and the United Kingdom.